Hammerstock 2017

Forging with Some Virginia Blacksmiths

I am extremely excited about the next 4 weeks! In order to expand the styles and techniques that we use at Iron Mountain Forge & Furniture, I have decided to go on a blacksmithing excursion to study with different blacksmiths in Virginia, North Carolina and Virginia. 

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being the lead demonstrator at the Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild's annual event, called "Hammerstock." I got to meet some fantastic blacksmiths, both professional and hobbiest, and demo how to make a free standing, artistic, wine bottle holder. 

I loved that they also had a booth where visitors could try their hand at taking a hammer to the anvil. At the end of the day, I got to enjoy a wonderful glass of wine from Greyhaven Winery, meet some awesome Virginians, get a bit of a sunburn, and forge some very fun pieces. 

Next stop, North Carolina! Can you guess who I'll be forging with there?